“The Metropolitan British Brass Band of Central Virginia” was formed in 2018 out of a desire to share the unique music style of the British brass band with music lovers in and around Central Virginia.   As is often the case in the naming of British brass bands, our band name reflects the entire Richmond region and beyond.  

The “MB3ofCVA” is a modern ensemble playing and performing on the typical British Brass Band instruments, playing music arrangements – often very familiar music – specifically written for the British Brass Band.  

The Cornet Bb, Eb and Piccolo (instead of trumpets)

Repiano Cornet


Solo Eb Alto Horn and Eb Alto Horn  (instead of French horns)

British Bore Baritone 

Solo Euphonium, and Euphonium

Tenor Trombone

Bass Trombone

Tubas Bb & Eb

Percussion Section

With the exception of the bass trombone, all of the music is written in treble clef.  The 24 musicians of the brass band can perform just about anything written for orchestra, brass band, vocal ensemble or a miriad of other instrumental combinations; all of this music having been arranged specifically for the brass band. One minute you would swear you were hearing a clarinet section or an oboe, no… these are all timbres of the brass band instruments. The secret to the success is this unique sound produced by the combination of brass instruments. This glorious brass band sound!